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Garden by a company

Who said that a garden by a company must be boring? This project is a proof that there can be a pretty garden in a place where many clients come everyday in business. The idea was to create a place that would be eye-catching all year long thanks to the selection of plants. Additionally we placed there an arbour and some benches so that everyone could seat and relax for a moment.

The colours are subdued, based mainly on green and white with some yellow and the addition of evergreen plants (boxwood, yew, Thuja). There is a purple beech and recolouring kastura dominating the space above the garden.

In season there are big pots placed around with large, opulent hydrangeas with impressive flowers (showed on the photo).

On the left side of the garden I added a hedge made of two shrubs in different colours: green boxwood and yellow Euonymus fortunei.