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Setting up a garden

Many years of experience with plants and constant looking for inspirations resulted in formation of our own unique style. We create gardens that are not troublesome and that are functional, where main role is played by evergreen plants. We aim at garden that looks beautiful during the whole year. That is why we consequently use the leafy ornamental plants: because their beauty lasts longer than flowers and they bring colour into the garden all year long. We also love to use in our projects green sculptures – topiaries.

We create stylish but also modern gardens, we use exotic wood, concrete, glass and steel but also standard materials such as brick or granite. We also like recycled materials like old brick, tile or chimney pipes. These are materials from which we can create a masterpiece that will impress everyone. We create small gardens of terraced houses, on suburbs and next to apartment blocks, as well as residential gardens with large lawns and ponds.

We have the great collection of machines that makes every project feasible in a short time. We take into consideration the likes of our investors, suggesting some solutions but never forcing any ideas. A garden must be beautiful for its owners who will spend time in it.