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Garden with mirrors and sculptures

Luxury garden with unforgettable atmosphere, placed among trees and fields located in a small town. We managed to combine there comfort with luxury.

The garden has a big terrace made of exotic wood. Sitting on the terrace you can admire beautiful compositions of flowers and grasses. In the corner of the garden I created a copse of Himalayan birches with pure white bark. Beneath the trees there is heath and some miscanthus sinensis and ‘Vanille Fraise’ hydrangeas which in autumn recolour to carmine that goes perfectly well with burgundy leaves of ‘Nigra’ cherry plum. Behind the trees in the niche in the wall I placed a mirror.

In the central viewing axis there is a granite square with a spring made of polished steel, bronze sculptures, a bench and a big mirror. The sculptures and the water element are reflected in the mirror. It multiplies aesthetic experience and raises curiosity about the rest of the garden.

We made the paths from yellow irregular granite slabs. The main surfaces like a drive and entrance to the house were paved with the same material.

I designed big irregular patches of colourful evergreen plants combined with yew and boxwood topiaries. I also planned some big trees like platanus, kastura, ginkgo and beech that will provide the garden with inviting atmosphere and much needed shadow.

There are various hedges of different height depending on their function and what was planted next to them. Thanks to that the garden is interesting and impressive in every season. There is always something blooming in the garden (first in spring bulbous plants and ericas, then rhododendrons, perennials and hydrangeas). In autumn there are heathers and decorative grass. As a perfect finishing there are big pots with blooming greenery flowing out of them and boxwood cones.