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Family garden with a vegetable patch

We created this garden for a family with a child and a big dog. Every member of the family can find something for them in this garden. The master and the lady of the house have a large wooden terrace where they can rest admiring the view of the greenery in the garden and smell the roses.

For the lady of the house we built the artistic vegetable gardens in the whitened crates. The family has its own eco vegetables and herbs growing and ripening in it. Vegetables are accompanied with blooming flowers (dahlias, zinnias and garden cosmoses) which can be cut to create a beautiful bunch in a vase. There is also a water element next to the bench on the gravel square. The water babbles quietly bringing the relaxation and solace.

The child can enjoy its space of the playground on which the toys, swimming pool or sunbeds can be placed. The dog has a big fenced enclosure with heated kennel behind the house where it can hide in shade during hot days or when there are guests in the house.

The garden is joyful, full of colours and impressive in every season of the year as a result of its structure, the use of evergreen plants and a multitude of perennials. On the street we planted a beech hedge and rampant rambling roses. Two impressive kasturas guard the entrance to the garden.