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A leisure garden with an arbour

The owners of this big multi-family house decided to create some space for rest in the already existing but very neglected garden. They couldn’t handle the big trees and plants themselves. They didn’t have any idea how to combine stone and wood and where to place an arbour, a stream or a composter so they asked us for help with the garden revitalization.

It wasn’t a simple task because the old acacias had their snags above the ground and the removal was not an option. We decided to make this an advantage of the garden. We designed the resistance walls and the plates on the lawn made of quartzite slate. To connect all the garden parts and give them the same look and character we built the wall made of the same material on the opposite side. We added a few flower islands on the grass. One of them is planted with colourful heather, heath and azaleas japonicas. On the flowerbed beside we planted a collection of rhododendrons. The owners wanted us to import and plant a large plane tree. We managed to get the tree in March. We used a HDS crane. The tree rooted well and around its trunk we planted lots of primroses.

The next task was to create a rose-garden connected to the gazebo for climbing roses. We used the ready-made wooden panels, fixed to the thick scantlings. On the front we created a low clipped boxwood hedges, interrupted by the boxwood spheres of different shapes. One of this hedges swirls around the larch, creating the fun element in the composition.

The centre point of the garden is the wooden arbour with the openwork walls; it is a place where the whole family can sit and feast. Beside, we built a barbeque and a smokehouse with a stone counter for preparing meals and a gazebo for vines. There is also a paved place for fire, a bench and a tap to wash hands. Sitting in the arbour you can watch a small stream made of millstone. It is planted with Sagina subulata, hostas and conifers.

The garden composition is filled every year with large patches of red Wax begonias (Begonia semperflorens), which is a very interesting accent and makes the garden even more attractive. The neat lawn encourages to rest and provides an elegant background for the plants.