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Exotic wood terraces

A terrace is the space connected directly to the garden and sometimes the only place where you can create a substitute of a garden. A terrace can also be the connector of the house with the garden so it should be especially cosy and nice. It should be a place where you can seek relief after work and everyday hustle and bustle in the city. Greenery covers the dirty walls, subdues the noise and refreshes the air while different shades of green calm the nerves.

So what to do to create such a peaceful nook? The Gardenarium company will help you accomplish it. If you want to spend time there in the morning it should be situated on the east side of the house. If you wish to sit there in the evening though, it would be better to have it on the west side, where sun shines later. If it is too hot the pergola with a climbing plant or an awning should create some nice shade.

We create terraces from riffled (grooved) wood because smoothly planed wood creates the danger of slipping. The best and most durable material is teak wood or bangkirai wood. Terraces may be mounted in the ground, as the extension of the house, as well as on large altitudes in exclusive apartment blocks. Thanks to us such terrace under the open sky may become a truly blissful nook.