About us

During our long activity we have created many beautiful gardens. We care for the quality and precision in project implementation. We are constantly searching for inspirations by attending international gardening exhibitions such as Chelsea Flower Show in London, or visiting the most interesting and inspiring gardens all over the world.

Our gardens are carefully thought out compositions of plants and the accompanying elements. We try to use mainly evergreen plants; deciduous and coniferous, as well as plants with colourful leaves so the garden was attractive all year long and not too troublesome in maintenance. Our hallmark is composition of clipped boxwood.


  • Our private garden was recognized as one of 100 most beautiful and inspiring gardens in the world, and published in USA and UK in Emma Reus book title "Gardens in detail" and "Garden Design Close UP"
  • First place in "Most beautiful garden" competition in 2001 organized by "Ogrody" magazine for garden "A GARDEN WITH A BORROWED LANDSCAPE"
  • Second place in "In my garden" competition in 1999 organized by "Murator" magazine
  • Second place in competition for most beautiful villa in city of Grodzisk Mazowiecki.
  • First place in competition for most beautiful garden in city of Komorów in 2013


Our articles and photos were published in:

  • "Kwietnik" Magazine
  • "Ogrody" Magazine
  • "Działkowiec" Magazine
  • "Ładny dom" Magazine
  • "Domy jednorodzinne" Magazine
  • "Weranda" Magazine
  • "Twój ogrodnik" Magazine
  • "Magnolia" Magazine
  • "Zieleń to życie" Magazine
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We were featured in many episodes of this TVN Meteo serie:

  • Episode 526
  • Episode 517
  • Episode 487
  • Episode 394
  • Episode 381
  • Episode 354
  • Episode 323
  • Episode 301
  • Episode 277
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