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Elegant and trim evergreen garden

This garden has a very interesting history. It is said that in the past, when the previous owner lived here, it was magnificent, very well-groomed and full of rare specimens of plants. Unfortunately the time has passed and the garden overgrown with weeds and thicket. Apple trees run wild and everything overgrew and lost its former character with time.

After purchasing the plot the present owners decided to turn the place into an oasis of greenery surrounding a modern white house.

When the realisation process started it turned out that all the fruit trees and shrubs are in miserable condition. What was worse they were growing in chaos scattered everywhere around the future lawn. without any particular plan. They certainly didn’t look interesting. We tried to keep there whatever possible. It was our role to create a beautiful garden.

We saved the green spruces (Picea pungens). We straightened up an old rowan tree and planted a lot of precious trees (beeches, ginkgos, Katsuras, Japanese maples) and shrubs, mostly evergreen. We shielded the garden from the street and placed a big mirror in a special gate created for this purpose to reflect the beautiful view of the garden. Now it can be seen from different angles. Also, a marvellous glass sphere has its reflection in the mirror. It looks as if it was suspended just above the water surface. There is the impression that the garden extends further behind the gate.

Throughout the whole year the garden in full of colours because of the leaves and needles and evergreen plants (heuchera, euonymus, rhododendron, grasses, sedge, yew, boxwood and lots of great dwarf varieties of conifers). In spring there are crocuses, ericas, tulips, narcissus. In summer the space is decorated with various perennials and roses, panicled hydrangeas and heath. The decorative grasses are the most beautiful in summer. The trees are changing their colour (beeches, ginkgos and sweetgum). During the whole year we can admire the beauty of yews and boxwoods clipped shapes. The garden whole looks stunning all year long.