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Not only boxwood

This project took quite a while to create and it was modified many times. The process of creation consisted of many stages because of construction works being in progress at that time. The garden was created on very difficult plot, not only small but also triangular in shape. The division of the garden is also troublesome. The front beds are diagonal; they run parallel to the house to resemble modern garden style. In place where there is more space we built a pond from oblong granite paving.

The pond attracts attention with two elements. The water is aerated by two foaming nozzles and illuminated by lightning at night. There are also eye-catching cubes overhanging the water. The water flows around them so it is possible to walk with dry feet stepping on the cubes. Above the water we mounted a large mirror that creates confusion when someone approaches the pond. It creates illusion of a much greater space in the garden and emphasizes the thick and dense planting of hydrangea, miscanthus, rhododendron, and clipped boxwood and yew.

From there the stone stairs lead to the terrace made from granite tills, decorated with special stone pots without bottom, in which there are big boxwood topiaries in the shape of birds. Comfortable garden furniture from teak wood let us have our meals and some rest when the weather is nice.

The flowerbeds behind the house are parallel but to make more space and to divide it crosswise we planted boxwood screens. A part of the surface is covered with gravel and the other part is a pavement. This trick enlarges the space optically and the light-colour granite gravel lightens up the space. There is also a comfortable and modern style bench and a water wall made of polished steel. The final effect is complete thanks to the compositions in the pots.

The next part of the garden situated behind the garage in the narrowest, pointed corner of the plot is created with smooth, oval lines and finished with a mirror. Thanks to this trick when you look from the entrance there is an illusion of lawn path turning left and stretching further around the corner. The hydrangeas and hostas see their reflections in the mirror. On the roof of the garbage we created a garden too. It is consistently planted with boxwood spheres, heuchera, euonymyus and cotoneaster.

The colours in the garden are mostly green (different shades), white, black, blue and pale yellow. There are also scarlet accents made by heuchera, cherry plum, and beech. We also planted the precious variety of ginkgo tree – Pendula and Mariken. We are extremely consistent about selecting plants to keep the garden interesting and decorative in every season of the year, also in winter thanks to the forms clipped from boxwood and yew and big variety of evergreen plants. In spring there are blooming and cheerful compositions of early bulbous plants and in summer beautifully blooming hydrogena set in pots among the boxwood spheres.

The garden does not lack the garden jewellery. The spheres are made of polished steel and granite and other accessories. We designed additional illumination to highlight the beauty of the plants also at night.

The garden has also external flowerbed behind the wall where the Umbraculifera cherries grow, as well as some interesting perennials and what’s the most important – the roses, beautiful and abundant in summer.