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Functional garden with straight lines and a playground

This garden is the second part of the garden with mirrors and sculptures. It lies on the neighbouring plot that was bought by the owners. It is a kind of “backroom” of the house, an additional garage, artistic vegetable patch, playground and a place to relax and play on a large, perfectly kept lawn. In this part of the garden you can eat some blueberries or strawberries, pick up an apple from a tree or collect a few leaves of lettuce or arugula.

There are many beautiful flowers of which you can create a bunch. Carrot and radish can also be found there. We created four big vegetable patches in wooden boxes so the soil got warm in shorter time and harvests are healthier and ripen much earlier than in the ground. In the central point of the vegetable garden grows a spherical ginkgo.

We grow vegetables only on natural fertilizers and compost which we add every year. Everything grows fast so when we are visiting for garden maintenance we can try the fruits of our work. It is now very popular and trendy to have your own vegetables and fruits at hand. The apple trees are planted in rows. Also, we planted many other useful trees and shrubs: rowan, decorative malus with colourful fruits, dogwood for home made liquors, blueberries and raspberries.

In early spring we seed vegetables and flowers, lettuce and arugula, then garlic, tomatoes, zucchini, kale and cabbage with violet leaves. We also seed chive, dill and green beans.

The additional large terrace was overshadowed with a shadow sail. Next to the terrace there is a fireplace. It is surrounded by fabulous flower beds with flowering perennials and grasses fluttering in the wind. The garden is surrounded by thick conifer hedges. On one side the hedge is made of beech and protects inhabitants resting in the garden from the curious looks of passers-by.