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Compositions in pots and other decorations

In summer we like to spend time on a balcony or a terrace. It’s an additional space in the open air. We invite friends, eat meals or relax there. It will be even more pleasurable if we take care of the flower compositions and surrounding space. The Gardenarium company wants to meet the requirements and expectations of their clients – we arrange doorsteps, terraces, balconies and roof gardens. These are additional nooks in open air that can be full of colour and smell.

The easiest way is to place a few pots with plants to create effective composition of colours and shapes. Imagine the painter’s canvas – higher objects are in the background and lower are usually in the first stage. It creates the impression of depth and in case of smaller gardens can make them look bigger and more spacious.

We carefully select the plants so that your terrace looked great whole year long. We plant small trees, shrubs, evergreens as well as seasonal flowering plants. We love boxwood spheres and ornamental grasses. We create herbal and vegetable gardens in crates. We use best quality soil and water-retaining gel. Thanks to our work your terrace or balcony will become a pleasant place for rest and with a little care it will make your space look amazing.

We can also offer winter decorating, decorating of houses and Christmas trees, interior decorating with flowers, “garden jewellery”, glass flares, houses for beneficial insects and many other attractive items.