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Garden maintenance

In gardening we can trust one apt saying „Only the carefully maintained gardens last for long time”. Plants that are not taken care of overgrow, they fight for light, water and minerals. Plants that are planted too thickly give shade to one another and start to grow wild.

You need to be systematic in your garden in terms of cutting, watering, fertilizing and protecting against diseases and pests. Rarely can we see a self-sufficient garden. The nature is the only self-sufficient thing. Garden needs human to grow beautifully. If you set up a beautiful garden and you either don’t know how to take care of it or you don’t have time to do it sooner or later you should consider hiring a company like ours: qualified and experienced gardeners, equipped with professional tools to preserve what was planted in the garden and to conduct necessary procedures. We will come whenever you call us, we will do what your garden needs. You will b able to see the satisfactory effect right away.

Spring and autumn are the most demanding seasons. The procedures that are carried out in this time have the greatest impact on how our garden will look and how healthy it will be later. In spring the most important is cleaning the flowerbeds, cutting the edges of a lawn and lawn recovery. It is also important to cut the plants. In summer it is important to cut the topiaries and fertilize plants and in autumn to prepare certain plants and preserve most delicate plants for the upcoming winter. Also scarifying of the lawn and raking fallen leaves needs to be done.

The Gardenarium company carries out systematic maintenance of gardens (nonce a week). We can also come just one time to do the most important work in spring or autumn, e.g. lawn scarifying, pruning of trees and bushes, autumn cleaning, covering and cleaning plants before winter.