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Designing your garden via Internet

Designing a garden is art of turning space around your house into more beautiful and useable place. Good garden combines many different functions; it is a place where its owner can spent his or her leisure time in a pleasant way. Every season brings something new to your garden. Every season shows changes and beauty. We are here to balance everything and provide ready-made recipe for garden.

Designing a garden is also possible via Internet, without visiting your garden. We have been successfully designing gardens in Poland as well as abroad. Our long-run experience in garden design and creation, significant achievements, ease in designing and intuition in plants selection will make your garden impress everyone who pays a visit to it.

Designing via Internet is not stressful but it is safe and easy. Project realisation is easy due to our precise design. It is composed and structured in such a way that the creation process is really pleasant.

What you need to do is just send the map with the house and measurements (very simple and schematic), add a few pictures, description of ugly places that need to be covered and we will take care of the rest. We will tell you what should appear in the garden, what type of plants would be suitable, we will understand your needs and meet your expectations.

Our personal involvement in every aspect of the project will ensure the greatest result. It will be the garden that is beautiful but also easy to maintain.

We will send you a helpful questionnaire, calculate the project and after you have accepted the project we will start designing. Draft proposal is not binding so it can be amended. After final agreement we will make the project with attachments and visualisations of the most interesting places in the garden. We design irrigation and lighting systems as well.

Garden maintenance and the care will be easy later on thanks to the detailed hints we provide on our website You will find there a lot of advise along with beautiful photos from our work. We are creative and we have the essential skills and the style. We stand out in the crowd with our passion and love for garden designing.

Your garden is worth the effort.