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Garden design

Design is the most important stage when creating the garden of your dreams. It would be difficult to conduct any works without the design because we will have to face many unpredictable obstacles. A project will help you plan the cost, conduct all the works in proper order, without wasting time or money. Thanks to the project you will avoid chaos and save a lot of time. We can prepare the project but also it is possible to have the whole garden created by our company. We can advise you, calculate costs but also we can undertake the whole creation process of your dream garden.

At the very beginning we talk with our client, ask basic questions about the plot, then we get to the place, we take measurements, recognise climate and soil conditions. This it the point in which we make up-to-date maps of the plot, ground plan of the house and everything that can be of any importance to the garden, for example, we establish where the electric cables and other underground installations are. We also make an interview to find out what are the investor’s requirements.

For plantings we use the list of certain plants that we present earlier to clients, taking into consideration the plot’s soil conditions and exposure to sunlight. If the soil is wet we do not use dry-soil plants there and the other way around. The overall look of the garden and health of the plants will depend on that feature later on. Properly chosen plants will look impressive.

We use mainly leafy evergreen plants in our designs (spindle, pachysandra, heuchera, host, Ericaceae, Cotoneaster), which combined with plants that make the framework of the garden will create marvellous effect throughout the year. We try to avoid too many perennials that flower only for a short time to avoid empty-looking garden. If the investor likes conifers we use the most effective species with colourful needles and good health. We avoid plants vulnerable to diseases and pests. We also use ornamental grasses in our designs (Pennisetum alopecuroides, Miscanthus synensis) and evergreen, colorful Carexes that bring a bit of movement into the garden. We have skills in architecture as well as in gardening. We can predict what the final height of a plant will be.

We create breathtaking gardens; we pay attention to details and try to keep the variety of species simple. We can turn a small garden into one that makes the impression of being bigger than it is in reality - thanks to skillful play with perspective, use of mirrors, proper colors and shape of a lawn or division of the space. We have a lot of experience with designing and creating residential gardens of large space.

The perfect garden that will meet your expectations – that’s our goal.