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Preparing the plot before building a house

We offer complex clearing of the plot and preparing it for house construction. We clear the plot from seedlings of trees and weeds, we smoothen and level the terrain out, bring or take out the earth and we spray the area with herbicide. We use specialist equipment like rotating harrow, soil miller, leveller and the machine that gets rid of stones and pebbles.

If necessary we make pits and excavations with the use of AVANT 635 backhoe loader. We can make excavations for fencing, sewage systems, foundations, electrical and central heating connections. We drill deep drainage pits and pits for pillars. We take out the excess earth, level out and surface the soil.

The same works we can be performed after the house construction. We sew high quality lawns on large surfaces in a short time. We can offer the competitive prices. With our service you will be able to move into your new house in no time. You will have the neat space around the house even if you cannot afford the garden yet.