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Natural swimming pond

Natural swimming ponds are great pleasure everyone should try. Swimming pond is a perfect mix of pond and swimming pool providing its users with fresh, living water without any chemical substances, it is a source of fun and recreation thanks to possibility of watching flora and fauna living in the water. This type of pond is different from swimming pool because there is no chlorine used, and what follows the life of the pond is not eliminated.

Every pond consists of two zones: swimming area and plant area, where the water in regenerated. These two zones are separated by vertical partitions made of concrete or stone.

The pool cleans itself in the same way as natural water reservoirs do: thanks to the presence of plants and microorganisms. That is why it is so important to have plant area that is large enough in relation to the whole pond area. We are pioneers of building small and large natural swimming ponds. It is now the top product on the market and we have created one of the first ponds of this type in Poland. It is 0.75ac (3000m2) large. The biggest natural swimming pond we have created so far is 1.24ac.

We are a member of Polish Association of Natural Swimming Water (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Naturalnych Wód Kąpielowych) that promotes creation of natural swimming ponds in Poland, establishes quality standards and monitors them. It introduces new technologies into the market and organizes congresses and workshops. Building swimming ponds that meet the standards of the Association guarantees their quality, reliability and functionality.