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Decorative ponds, streams and water walls

Nothing is more relaxing than the quiet whoosh of water and everyday contact with nature.

If you have your own pond or even a small water element you can appreciate the charm of water life that will create favourable microclimate in your garden. You can watch dragonflies sitting on the stones to drying their wings and birds joyfully bathing in the water. If you decide to add fish you will soon have your own fry.

Sometimes on your lake you can see a flock of wild ducks and suddenly you will notice unexpected living organisms appearing in the water (like shellfish and lots of insects). The plants will grow and the water will become crystal clear. The dream of our own lake will have come true.

We are pioneers of building large and small decorative ponds and natural swimming ponds. We have created one of the first ponds of such kind in Poland, it is almost 0.75ac large and the biggest 1.24ac.

Gardenarium will design and create fabulous decorative pond or natural swimming pond lined with the EPDM Pondline lino. We can build a stream, waterfall and any water element without water surface, such as spring or water wall but also any modern, geometric water reservoirs.