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Artistic vegetable gardens in wooden boxes

I have been recommending vegetable gardens, not only those in boxes, for a few years. It is a worldwide trend connected with changing approach to healthy lifestyle and the need to save money on food. Also, we should be concerned with what happens to vegetables in the process of mass production as well as what happens during transportation from shops to our house.

In our everyday life there’s nothing more important than healthy food. The nutritive value of fresh home-grown fruits and vegetables as well as their taste is priceless. Recently I’ve had a chance to taste freshly picked, home-grown arugula and compare it with the one bought in a plastic bag in a shop. There is no need to assure you which one was better.

Own vegetable gardens are a great solution to provide fresh vegetables not only in gardens but also on balconies. Every balcony or even a window sill will be able to accommodate a few boxes or pots with small but very tasty cherry tomatoes or fresh herbs. In the garden where we can allocate more space for vegetable garden we have even more options.

The most convincing advantages of having your own vegetable garden in a box, besides the decorative aspect, are as follows:

  • We put new soil appropriate for vegetables into boxes. The soil is fertile, light and soft and deeply cultivated, which makes vegetables grow fast and healthy. It is especially comfortable solution if the soil in your garden is compacted and clayish so setting up a vegetable garden would pose some trouble.
  • Ecology – everything we grow in our garden is herbicide or pesticide free and natural. We can be sure of what we eat and monitor the whole process. Nowadays people are more and more eco-conscious, they try to take advantage of treasures of nature and have contact with earth. We enjoy simple life, walks in a forest or through a meadow. Eco gardening is no longer a fad - which passes as quickly as it appeared - it becomes necessity. We cannot let the healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle be a luxury that only some people can afford. Everybody can grow their own vegetables and I’m going to support you in this project.
  • Your vegetables will ripe in different times so you will have fresh supplies for the whole season.
  • You can save a lot of money.

We are ready to create a vegetable garden in size of your choice in every place in your garden on your request.