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Setting up lawns

Garden is not all about plants. The lawn is equally important, as it constitutes a green background and finishing of he composition for the overall impression. A piece of green land is always an optimistic view and in winter it brings life to an empty garden. However, not everybody knows that this is one of the most demanding elements of our garden.

The most important part of setting up the lawn is proper preparation of the ground and selection of appropriate species of grass, depending on whether the lawn is supposed to be decorative or resistant to treading. If you are soon going to set up this green carpet surely you will face the following dilemma: seeds or turf?

The Gardenarium company sets up lawns from seeds as well as turf. We use high quality turf grown on foil as well as cut out from the ground (less expensive option). We have appropriate equipment for preparing soil and seeding perfect lawn on large surfaces in short time, which lets us offer you competitive prices. We can also install the anti-mole net in your lawn.