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Modern geometric garden

The presented garden underwent the total metamorphosis. We worked without any project so we had to improvise for the entire time. The flower bed lines before the metamorphosis looked completely different. They were wavy and the plants on the low flower bed were drowned and didn’t grow well.

Our work and my idea was to design a new, different look for the garden. We wanted to change the lines to completely straight, geometric, modern ones and to use only a few species of plant. Also, we wanted to decorate some flower beds with granite gravel. We also had to regenerate the soil, fertilize it with compost and elevate the flower beds and replant all the plants. We added the hedges and frames as well as the evergreen plants with colorful leaves and spectacular grasses. Thanks to all that work the garden turned into an amazing place.

It become elegant and now it matches the modern house and wooden terraces. In autumn we revitalized the lawn, we made the scarification and spray against weeds.