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English garden

We started the works in this garden when the lawns and plants had already been planted. The owners did not like the composition of the garden so we started redesigning it and improving the flower compositions and garden architecture elements so as to create an effective English style garden.

The English garden composition resembles the natural landscape and brings a little freedom and mystery to the garden. Thanks to the meandering, picturesque flowerbeds, paths, walls and details it makes an impression of mystery and romance. We weren’t consistent with the English garden colour palette. There should be pink, violet, light blue and white and we used basic colours like red, yellow and blue. In addition, we used different shades of green and white. The large, well-groomed lawn with cut edges is a perfect background for the plants.

The flowerbeds wander around among the old trees, under one of which we placed a romantic bench hidden among white hydrangeas and mockoranges. This romantic element is not too intensive but plays a very important role in the garden. It lets visitors observe the life around them and admire wonderful views because it is well-situated. The impression of romance and mystery are intensified by ivy climbing the trees, flowerbeds and fencing.

The garden presents itself as a cosy and pleasant place. We replaced irregular groups of trees and bushes with the clipped yew cones and spheres scattered here and there to create the strong structure in winter.

The old trees grow free; some of them are framed with colourful hostas. The slope of the lawn emphasises the unevenness of the terrain. The terraces go around the house in irregular lines. There are the stairs leading down to the garden from the terrace and little squares connecting certain parts of the garden. The whole plan of the garden is irregular, asymmetric and informal.

There are plenty of pots compositions on the terrace and in the baskets on the walls. There are also interesting details like a vase in the perennial bed. We created a pergola in one corner of the garden, on which climb the roses and grapevine. Under the pergola you can spot blooming lavenders and interesting perennials. On the terrace there is a teak wood garden furniture set where you can sit and rest, admiring the opulent greenery around. All plants grow thanks to the reliable watering and draining system. Thanks to it the lawn is perfect and beautiful.

The front of the house looks elegant thanks to the walls and flower containers built from large granite cubes. It is planted with boxwood and yew topiaries placed regularly, accompanied by flowering plants every season (mainly red begonias) so it always looks perfect. The front door is decorated with two impressive pot compositions. There are also cherry laurels surrounded by red and yellow flowers.

The old hornbeam hedge, which is cut regularly, surrounds the garden. It gives shelter from the wind and the eyes of passers-by. The flowerbeds are composed in a thoughtful manner; the higher plant species create the background for the lower ones. There are big clusters of ornamental grasses – miscanthus and pennisetum – scattered around the garden.