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An intelligent garden

This original, modern and contemporary garden completes perfectly an intelligent house. The modern, multi-level terraces made of exotic bangkirai wood connect the house and the garden. The terraces serve as a place to eat and rest when the weather is nice. Nearby there is an impressive water element: the source flowing out of the granite cauldron, illuminated with the LED diodes that gives the magical effects at night.

Beside the bench, at the edge of the flowerbed we placed a bird fountain carved in stone for the birds from the neighbourhood. The lighting is the integral part of the garden. It lets us admire the structure and the beauty of the plants at night. There is also a built-in sound system that provides the ambient relaxation music.

In the front of the house and around the terrace the evergreen plants dominate the space. There are plenty of expressive shapes – the yew and boxwood topiary compositions, rhododendrons, pachysandra, Serbian spruces and Canadian hemlocks.

The further part of the garden reminds the natural forest vegetation. We planted here some creeping Cotoneaster, wild strawberries, blueberries, dwarf pines and ornamental grasses.

There is also a place for children to play. It is a wooden house with a slide. The garden is big – about 2000 square metres – and lies on the forest area.