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A birch garden

While creating a new house let’s try to imagine the garden as an inherent part of it. This garden situated on a big plot had 88 birches scattered around when the owners bought the property. Now they look like they were fitted perfectly into this space. The owners created the basics of the garden but the effect was not satisfying so they asked us for help.

We took care of the modernization, adding plants and arranging particular places including the terrace. We started from building completely new resistive walls, gazebos and the heath. Than we dag out the plants planted in a wrong way. We also brought the new plants and started to create the garden from the beginning.

Thanks to the skilful compositions the garden got more beautiful look. Under some birches we planted ivy and hostas. We outlined bigger islandlike flowerbeds for growing rhododendrons and azaleas. We added lots of evergreen plants, ground cover plants and leafy trees of different colours and distinctive shapes. We also grouped the plants that had grown in disorder before. Among the birches and under some plants we placed the drinking fountains for birds and stone sculptures (in the shapes of birds). We also set aside some space for a composter and a fireplace.

We planted the clipped boxwoods on the terrace and placed there some wooden furniture. You can admire the fabulous view and watch the bird’s life from this spot. Next to the terrace on the elevated flowerbed we planted grasses, perennials and lots of bulbous plants. Beside the flowerbed there is grovelled place with a yew bonsai. Black Ophiopogon and yellow Sagina subulata surround the bonsai.

Next to the kitchen window we built the gazebo for roses and clematis and we created a little herbal garden with a charming chair to rest among the aromatic herbs. Beside the house entrance we put the wooden chests and we planted the big conifers inside together with seasonal balcony plants, which are changed three times a year.

This is the garden for a plant collector. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to take proper care of the plants and a lot of patience for weeding and raking the leaves falling off the numerous trees. We took care of the garden for the first years of existence of its existence