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A luxury garden

This small garden by a luxury house has a large collection of various plants. Primarily, in our project there weren’t that many species of plants but the owners turned out to be collectors hence the constant adding, replanting and extending the list of specimens.

The leading element in the garden is boxwood, planted in a clear way, clipped in simple shapes, surrounding any interesting conifer of leafy forms. The font of the house is planted with Korean pine surrounded by the boxwood hedge and pink clusters of annual begonias. On the other side of the path there is a gingko surrounded by the spheres of different size, creating a very elegant frame for the tree. The entrance is decorated with a large pot with flowering seasonal flowers.

The further part of the garden has no longer such clear structure because the plantings become more and more varied. We built a small waterfall in the corner at the back of the garden and we elevated the flowerbeds a little to create better conditions for planting and diversify the landscape.

In the other corner there is a linden and the Himalayan birches with the Ligustrum with yellow leaves serving as a background. Around that place we designed a heath with grasses and a columnar hornbeam. There is something flowering here in every season of the year. Some shrubs like holly, euonymus, pachysandra and Pyracantha are decorative all year long.