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A garden with a borrowed landscape

This large garden won the first place in the competition “The most beautiful garden in 2001”, held by the monthly magazine “OGRODY” and it was presented in the “Domy Jednorodzinne” magazine in November 2002. The project assumed it would be a “white garden”.

In the front of the garden there is an oval flowerbed with the Serbian spruces, rhododendrons and mountain pines. On the other side there is a cluster of small flowers, a Neigishi pine (pinus parviflora) and a wide flowerbed with a beautiful purple beech, azaleas and hydrangeas. The ground is covered with the large orange-beige granite cubes.

Rhododendron, pachysandra, cotoneaster, ground-cover roses, cherry laurel and ‘Anabelle’ hydrangea bloom there from the beginning of spring. There are lots of plants with the white-edged leaves like Hosta ‘Patriot’ and white dogwood ‘Elegantissima’ as well as decorative miscanthus with delicate blades.

They wave slightly in the wind creating some movement in the garden. You can feel very close to nature here as the garden neighbours with a river and its flood plains. There is no fencing from the side of the river. The owners of the garden can take advantage of the borrowed landscape. What is more the ducks and swans come here everyday and are not afraid of anything and often come out to the lawn. It is possible to see how they teach their young how to fly. It is fascinating and serves as an additional advantage for this plot.

The garden has a swimming pool and a cascade. They are built from beige sandstone and covered with blue tiles inside. The water pours into the lower reservoir and then goes back to the upper and the circuit is closed. The sound of water is quite intensive. The sliding cover protects the water from impurities.

When sitting on the stone terrace we can see the whole view: the garden and the trees behind the wall, reed, flowing water of the river and dragonflies flying above the water.