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Prairie garden by a manor house

This elegant, quite formal style garden with a pinch of a prairie feeling, resembling the neat Dutch gardens, was set by a big Polish manor house. It was based on the already existing garden, set up by the owners. At first it wasn’t sure if the garden would survive because the area was being constantly flooded by rainfall that didn’t drain and destroyed a lot of precious plants.

We started with the issue of plot drainage. Later, after tackling the problem it was possible to start planting.

We created beautifully contoured, elevated flower beds and a clever water drainage system with a pump that took water outside the plot.

The garden composition in the front is based on a large rondo with white climbing roses and boxwood. The entrance to the garden is guarded by two big hornbeam cones. The common element in the garden are numerous boxwoods and yew screens of different height and lots of topiaries. The garden is filled with numerous interesting perennials and grasses. It resembles a trendy prairie garden.

The garden doesn’t lack flowering hydrangea paniculata and beautiful trees that change their colours in autumn.