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The modern “linear" garden

The project of this small garden was made at the same time as the construction of the house. The main elements of the project were straight lines, evergreen plants and heath. Despite the small space we managed to create beautiful views and nice compositions.

The lawn has the rectangle shape. Only in the place where we planted the big platan tree it is round. Under the tree we placed the plates made of yellow granite. They reinforce the lawn in this place so that you can put the deckchair and enjoy the garden lying in the shadow. The garden is finished with the low clipped in shapes boxwood hedge. Behind that hedge there are white “Annabelle” hydrangeas, which overhang in the time of flowering.

In the shadowy part of the garden grow white rhododendrons, planted around with the Pachysandra from which in the spring grow out bulbous plants, mainly tulips. The opposite side of the garden is a heath designed in a modern way.  We planted many heaths and Erica in the straight and zigzag lines. They are mixed with dwarf mountain pines, Tsuga Canadensis and the beautiful grasses – Miscanthus sinensis. On the neighbouring wall we placed Himalayan birch with beautiful white bark and pennisetum setaceum because of its stunning inflorescence in late summer and autumn. In early spring, for a change, there grow fields of colourful crocuses.

During the season on the terrace made of granite bricks there are some flowering compositions in pots. There are also the owner’s favourite flowers – white roses. The compositions in front of the house are as elegant as the rest of the garden.

The garden composition is very clear and thanks to the proper decorative plants it is always attractive. It pleases the eyes with colours, even though there are almost no perennials. There are only a few, namely evergreen bergenia, Pachysandra terminalis, lavendes and pulmonaria.

The characteristic features of this garden are straight lines and zigzags. It looks attractive and fabulous all year long. The overall impression is complemented with the neat lawn.