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An English style garden with a Victorian greenhouse

The garden is still under construction, because the additions and elements of garden architecture are authentically imported from England. Stone sundial with floral motifs, wire, oval bench, small charming sculptures, stylish old watering cans, various supports and obelisks. All these important details we scrupulously searched for together with the garden owner while traveling through the English gardens. A lot of effort has been put into transporting them to Poland (eg a heavy pedestal for the sundial). But as you can see, nothing is impossible.

The garden frame on both sides is a high yew hedge, as in gardens in the style of arts & crafts. The viewing axis to the greenhouse and the obelisk is determined by a simple, ideal lawn. In strategic places we planted a yew topiary. On the lawn, we go through the roundabout with the sundial up to the greenhouse. The owner has here plant collections and an additional garden room decorated with great taste. By the greenhouse there are cold frames made of old bricks. In them, you can grow all kinds of novelties and do early sowing of one-year-old cut flowers.

At the roundabout, the path branches towards the bench (to the left), and to the right towards the gap in hedge (maybe an arch will be formed here?), which will lead to the further part of the garden. How it will be divided, I am still planning, together with the owner of the garden. Maybe there will be flower meadows, picturesque fan-shaped paths and thousands of bulbous plants in spring. And blooming apple trees? Benches under the trees? Or a perennial garden with heavily accented frames from a cut, lower yew?

In the meantime, we have real English "great garden borders" with ever-blooming perennials. Near the greenhouse there is an orange-red garden with dunes and tritomes, the other compositions on the flower-bed are designed in various shades of pink and purple. There is also no shortage improvisation. Everyone feels like in England in this garden.