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Italian style garden

There is a residence among the pine copse. We were asked to design a garden there … without lawn. Because of the high pines maintaining the lawn would be almost impossible. The falling needles and shadow would make it extremely difficult. It is much easier just to sweep the paths.

The outline of the garden is made of a tangle of paths which surround and cross the garden in straight lines, letting the owners to take quite long walks. You can sit here and there on a bench or go to the glass pavilion in the corner of the garden (called by the habitants a tea room). On the garden side of the house there is a large stone terrace.

The owners love Italian style so they placed stylish white marble sculptures in the garden – they represent so called “four seasons” and some angels. From the leftovers of the stone plates we created an interesting surface. The knot hedges and formal garden refer to the baroque gardens style, characterized by the abundance of clipped forms.

The garden needs to be clipped every year. The forest part doesn’t need any special care, except watering. The paths should be swept but the owners have a special sweeper for that.

There are some flowers in this garden – white and red roses, then hydrangea paniculata and arborescens, rhododendron and hosts. There are only a few species but this is what the garden needs. It has lots of decorations in the form of garden architecture instead.