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A yew garden

This garden was set up after the reconstruction of an old house and grubbing the thick and wild scrubs. After that we finally saw the wall and beautiful Serbian spruces, which reached the height of the house. This was the first element of the garden frame. Our company took care of the arrangement of the space. We didn’t make any project for this garden. Our work involved the selection of appropriate plants specimens and finding proper place for them in the nascent garden.

The first plant we bought was a large, red-leaf Acer palmatum, than the yew cones and spheres on the stick and palatial rhododendrons, boxwoods and yellow-leaf holly. We also planted the hornbeam lanes overhanging on bamboo sticks, a large plane tree and a columnar oak. Those are the main plants in the garden. Than we added to the composition smaller plants and grasses.

This garden has a stream heated by the solar panels so it doesn’t freeze in winter. The banks of the stream are covered with slates and the stream narrows towards the end. This creates the illusion of a larger space. There are 8 mirrors in the niches on the wall, which also increase the illusion of space as they reflect the flamboyant greenery and you cannot really tell where the garden ends.

At the edges of the lawn we built a short wall so the ground is slightly elevated creating a hill and behind it there is a path crossing the stream. At the end of the stream there is also a mirror. It creates the impression that the water flows further.

There are some bronze sculptures by Adam Myjak, full professor of ASP (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw) on the hill and in scattered around in the garden. Thanks to the sculptures the garden has an artistic soul and unique look.

The house is surrounded by the monolithic terraces made of granite. Their edges are illuminated by linear lightning. On the corner of the house there is one more water container. It’s a rectangular pond made of black granite. It is connected to the intelligent system fitted in the house. It controls the lights, water system and music coming from the speakers to when it’s necessary.