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Modern garden with gravel surfaces

This garden is a result of a metamorphosis of the one that had already existed here. It had a lawn and a few big trees. We changed the lines, straightened the flower beds, replanted the trees and planted new hedges. When the basis (the frame) of the garden was ready we designed some plant compositions but most of them is the result of improvisation. It wasn’t possible to predict everything in this project.

The area is quite damp and impermeable so we had to adapt the method of planting, elevating flower beds and drilling holes for trees for each place in the garden.

We started works from arranging the front of the house as its architecture is simple and modern. We maintained this style in the garden as well.

We replanted the lonely, unattractive spruce and replaced it with a more interesting yew pruned niwaki way. We filled the space nearby with patterns created with plant combinations and gravel.

The rest of the garden is filled with massive yew and boxwood topiaries together with fluffy grasses and a wide range of colourful perennials. For autumn we planned some recolouring shrubs to decorate the garden