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Terrace garden - Chelsea Flower Show style

Interesting perennial garden resembling a wild meadow has been a very popular trend for a few years. We mixed here garden varieties of wild plants which alternate and overlap creating imaginative patterns. Structure of the garden is created by yew and boxwood topiaries. The rest of the plants only decorate them adding intricate finishing.

The garden, or more specifically the part that is still under construction, is shaped as three level amphitheatre and can be seen from living room windows and terrace.

The scene-like place creates incredible optical experience when everything blooms and flutters in the wind and buzzing swarms of bees move in haste around the flowers. In spring the space is decorated by bulbous plants (fragrant hyacinths, tiny wild crocuses, tulips and allium). After them spring perennials show up, then roses and their companion. Stipas and verbenas flutter gracefully in the wind.

This amazing spectacle takes place on the eyes of onlookers - the owners of this charming garden that will be soon complete when the reconstruction of the house is finished. Because of its large size the garden has still many undiscovered nooks to show.