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Diverse Garden with a Pond and Waterfall

The garden was designed for lovers of nature, birds and colors in the garden. It is in the proximity of the forest. There is a lot going on here, but you can't say that the garden is overloaded with flora. There is just right of it. It meets the requirements of the owners, because something is flowering all the time, something with leaves is decorative, and evergreen yew and boxwood topiaries decorate the garden all year round. As an addition, we planted large onion plants in large groups.

There are plenty of impressive trees. For example, before the development of leaves, redbud (Cercis kanadensis 'Forest Pensy') blooms, it is an incredibly impressive tree, rarely planted in our country. Another, quite known, is the cherry plum 'Nigra' (Prunus cerasifera), which blooms in May. Then it has lovely burgundy leaves that last long, the longest.

Over the waterfall hangs a picturesque elm 'Camperdownii' (Ulmus). There are also Cercidiphyllum (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) - "cookie" trees with fragrant leaves. Conifers and heaths with grasses also provide color. There are a lot of grasses here, they give the effect of movement from August, then their wavy plumes will appear.

A large pond, in which decorative fish calmly swim, provide owners with a lot of joy, and aquatic plants and the adjustable murmur of water from the waterfall make the stay on the terrace above the water more pleasant. It's a private paradise on earth.